"I really appreciate the intuitive interface, ease of use and pertinent calculations powerOne puts as close as my pocket."
- Greg Gibbons, NC

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powerOne® for BlackBerry Smartphones

powerOne is more than just a financial calculator. Its unique format and elegant design make what-if scenario analysis fast and easy. Includes 20 finance, real estate and conversion calculator templates plus a full-featured algebraic calculator.

Powerful Computation

  • Full-featured algebraic calculator available from anywhere within the application.
  • 20 calculator templates included for finance, real estate, investing, business and conversions.
  • Customize the launch screen to access your favorites quickly.
  • Email template results to yourself and clients.
  • From a trusted source: over 15 million powerOne calculators distributed.

Included Templates

  • Time Value of Money with amortization
  • Cash Flows
  • Fixed rate mortgages with PITI and amortizations
  • Bonds and Depreciation
  • Percent Change and Percent Total
  • Markup, Discount and Margin
  • Area, Date, Interest, Length, Mass, Temperature and Volume Conversions
  • Breakeven, Sales Tax and Tip