powerOne automatically downloads currency exchange rates that can be used in templates. This data is accessed using a combination of unique variable names and the settings block. All exchange rates are per US dollar, provided by the Bank of Canada, and updated at approximately midnight EST each business day.

Settings Block

Currencies use the settings block. This tells the template that global data is being used and it must be updated from outside the template:


Each powerOne customer has the ability to turn off the automatic download of currency data in the settings (Apple's Settings app - Auto Update Data). Templates that have hasGlobal designated also show the sync button for manual updates.

Currency References

Each exchange rate is defined by its variable name. The variable name is in the form gv_Curr<Abbreviation>pD where <Abbreviation> is the three digit currency name (i.e., USD, EUR, GBP). Examples (all available currencies are documented below):


In addition the last updated date is accessed with gv_CurrExRatesDate.

Currency Template

Included here is the source code, heavily commented, to a very simplified version of the Currency Conversion template. This version uses only four currencies. The Currency Conversion template included with powerOne includes all currencies.

/* indicates uses currency rates */

    Entering Amount #1 or 2 will automatically calculate the other.
    Also note that cur1 defaults to 1 while cur2 has no default so
    cur2 will auto calculate on data refresh. type1 defaults to USD
    and type2 to EUR. noclear retains last setting on a new template.
"Amount #1" 1 cur1,2:cur2/rate ::
"Type #1" "L1;USD United States dollar;1;CAD Canadian dollar;2;EUR European Euro;3;GBP U.K. pound sterling;4" noclear type1 ::
"Amount #2" "" cur2,2:cur1*rate ::
"Type #2" "L3;USD United States dollar;1;CAD Canadian dollar;2;EUR European Euro;3;GBP U.K. pound sterling;4" noclear type2 ::

    Calculate the actual exchange rate using their rate variables.
    The lookup (choose) is correlated to the list numbers from above
    (gvUSDpD is 1, gv_CADpD is 2, etc.). The last row displays the
    last updated date.
"Exchange Rate" "" readonly noequals rate,6,asof:Choose(type2; gv_USDpD; gv_CADpD; gv_EURpD; gv_GBPpD) / Choose(type1; gv_USDpD; gv_CADpD; gv_EURpD; gv_GBPpD) ::
"As Of" D readonly noequals asof,cur2:gv_CurrExRatesDate

Currency Names & References

Currency Reference
USD United States dollar gv_USDpD
ARS Argentine peso gv_ARSpD
AUD Australian dollar gv_AUDpD
BSD Bahamian dollar gv_BSDpD
BOB Bolivian boliviano gv_BRLpD
BRL Brazilian real gv_BRLpD
CAD Canadian dollar gv_CADpD
XAF CFA franc gv_XAFpD
XPF CFP franc gv_XPFpD
CLP Chilean peso gv_CLPpD
CNY Chinese renminbi gv_CNYpD
COP Colombian peso gv_COPpD
HRK Croatian kuna gv_HRKpD
CZK Czech Republic koruna gv_CZKpD
DKK Danish krone gv_DKKpD
XCD East Caribbean dollar gv_XCDpD
EUR European Euro gv_EURpD
FJD Fiji dollar gv_FJDpD
GHS Ghanaian cedi gv_GHSpD
GTQ Guatemalan quetzal gv_GTQpD
HNL Honduran lempira gv_HNLpD
HKD Hong Kong dollar gv_HKDpD
HUF Hungarian forint gv_HUFpD
ISK Icelandic krona gv_ISKpD
INR Indian rupee gv_INRpD
IDR Indonesian rupiah gv_IDRpD
ILS Israeli new shekel gv_ILSpD
JMD Jamaican dollar gv_JMDpD
JPY Japanese yen gv_JPYpD
MYR Malaysian ringgit gv_MYRpD
MUR Mauritian rupee gv_MURpD
MXN Mexican peso gv_MXNpD
MAD Moroccan dirham gv_MADpD
MMK Myanmar (Burma) kyat gv_MMKpD
ANG Neth. Antilles florin gv_ANGpD
NZD New Zealand dollar gv_NZDpD
NOK Norwegian krone gv_NOKpD
PKR Pakistan rupee gv_PKRpD
PAB Panamanian balboa gv_PABpD
PEN Peruvian new sol gv_PENpD
PHP Philippine peso gv_PHPpD
PLN Polish zloty gv_PLNpD
RON Romanian new leu gv_RONpD
RUB Russian rouble gv_RUBpD
RSD Serbian dinar gv_RSDpD
SGD Singapore dollar gv_SGDpD
ZAR South African rand gv_ZARpD
KRW South Korean won gv_KRWpD
LKR Sri Lanka rupee gv_LKRpD
SEK Swedish krona gv_SEKpD
CHF Swiss franc gv_CHFpD
TWD Taiwanese new dollar gv_TWDpD
THB Thai baht gv_THBpD
TTD Trinidad & Tobago dollar gv_TTDpD
TND Tunisian dinar gv_TNDpD
TRY Turkish new lira gv_TRYpD
AED U.A.E. dirham gv_AEDpD
GBP U.K. pound sterling gv_GBPpD
UAH Urkanian hryvnia gv_AEDpD
UYU Uruguayan peso gv_AEDpD
VEF Venezuelan bolivar fuerte gv_VEFpD
VND Vietnamese dong gv_VNDpD