Help Descriptions & Examples

powerOne has two sections for help: an overview description and examples. For the most part help is created by typing paragraphs or "bulleted" lists just as you would into a word processing program. The topics below outline special, advanced capabilities.


It is possible to separate sections within your help descriptions and examples. Infinity Softworks often uses these to separate a general description from rows, for instance, or to separate unique examples. To create a section, surround its name with double exclamation points:

!!Section Name!!

Special Characters

Help descriptions and examples can use any English and International characters, numbers and symbols (called Unicode characters). In addition it can use HTML character entities, including math symbols.

One exception: ^2 and ^3 are automatically translated into superscript 2 and superscript 3, respectively. If you wish to show the power (carat) symbol, use the HTML character entity (^). To show ^2, for instance, enter "^2" (no quotes).


You can link to external web pages. A link is defined using double brackets, followed by the link text, followed by vertical bar (|), followed by the URL, and finally closing double brackets.

[[link text|url]]

If the link text is excluded then the url is used for the link text. The vertical bar is still required. Some examples:

      [[Infinity Softworks' Home Page|]]


Images are formed similar to links but exclude the link text and vertical bar:


In addition the size of the image can be controlled by designating a width value. The width value can either be designated in pixels or a percentage of the original width. Both will also adjust the height to keep the image in proportion to the original.

[[image_url width]]
[[image_url width%]]

Examples include:

      [[ 100]]
      [[ 25%]]

Suggested Format: Descriptions

General description of the template.

- Label 1: definition
- Label 2: definition

- Label 3: definition

!!Other Template Information!!
Other information to help understand the template and how it works.

Any creator or source attributes.

Suggested Format: Examples

!!Example 1 Name!!
Describe the problem in prose being certain to give all pertinent data.

- Label 1: known value
- Label 2: known value
- Label 3: known value

Select '=' on <unknown label> row. The result is <result>.