"I really appreciate the intuitive interface, ease of use and pertinent calculations powerOne puts as close as my pocket."
- Greg Gibbons, NC

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PowerOne® is a different kind of calculator focused on performing repetitive calculations quickly and accurately.

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  • "You need this calculator. It's miles better than the competition." - Robert Burns
  • "…sets the benchmark for other calculators to reach." - Fred Swan
  • "Not sure how I could do my job without PowerOne." - Arvid Martin
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● Quick and accurate. Templates act similar to locked-down, mini-spreadsheets that increase accuracy and speed for repetitive calculations.

● Get up and running fast. We provide access to over a hundred pre-created templates for everything from finance, conversions, real estate, business, investing, construction, engineering, and more.

● Everyone’s needs are different. Pick and choose from an always growing selection of templates we provide, or create your own. Use our intuitive language to make writing your own templates as simple as typing this sentence.

● Access PowerOne everywhere. Whether on the go with your phone or tablet or at your desk on the web, PowerOne makes sure your critical calculations are available at your fingertips.

● Keep everyone on the same page. Share your templates with your team and customers, ensuring that everyone is performing the same error-free calculations every single time.

● The everything calculator. For those one-off calculation needs, PowerOne provides a powerful standard and RPN calculator.


Templates are designed like locked down, mini-spreadsheets. Enter the data you know. PowerOne will calculate the rest.

Some calculations are common and performed all the time. PowerOne comes with a library of hundreds of off-the-shelf calculations you can use to get up-and-running quickly. Whether finance, conversions, real estate, investing, science, engineering, math, or construction, PowerOne has you covered.

While some calculations are common, there are millions more specific to you or your business. With PowerOne, it is easy to create powerful templates of your own. Just type an equation like you would a sentence and PowerOne will figure it out for you. Or get more sophisticated: create beautiful templates with embedded videos and images, with explanation text, lists and tables, Imperial and metric units, and hundreds of additional features to make it even easier for you, your team, and your customers to perform their own calculations without having to think about the math.

Sync Changes you make on one device automatically sync to your other systems. Whether working offline on your phone and tablet or online on the web, your templates and calculator always remain up-to-date with the latest changes you’ve made and calculations you’ve run.

Keep your entire team or customers on the same page by sharing your templates with them. You never have to worry about them performing the wrong calculations with the wrong data as you can update and share your changes with them automatically at any time. [Paid Pro Feature]

PowerOne includes a full-featured standard and RPN calculator to perform all your one-off calculations. There are over a hundred functions to help with virtually anything: basic math, powers, logs, trigonometry, probability, programmer’s math, fractions, and Imperial and metric units. Keep a history, store to memory, and move results between templates and the calculator easily.

PowerOne Classic

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